Ali this and Ali that ….

The National Council of the Peaceful Revolution has stalled before take-off. Disagreements over party quotas were put before national interest; rumours of Fifth Column positions caused fatally divisive mistrust. God willing, such bickering can be set aside, and the coalition can move forward to challenge Ali Saleh’s endlessly repeated Constitutional Legitimacy with a more representative Yemeni democracy. (Constitutional it maybe; legitimate he is not.)

After a few words from the Beloved Leader (sponsored by the Al Sa’ud), in which he undertook to hold elections (no mention of constitutional legitimacy, though) within three months, Gen Ali Muhsin gave a speech in a similar manner to Ali Saleh’s presidential speeches, complete with Yemeni flags and Italian suits, rather than the general’s more accustomed combat uniform. While President-for-life Ali Saleh promised, unconvincingly, to return to Yemen and hold elections, Ali Muhsin counselled against such a journey. He suggested that it would result in Ali Saleh sharing Mu’amr al-Qadhafi’s fate: ending up like a rat in a hole (juhr al-far.) Ali Saleh meanwhile continues his defiant speeches clinging to a version of reality that his countrymen no longer recognise; a menace they no longer fear.

In an appeal to Ali Saleh’s patriotism (which was long ago subverted by his greed), Ali Muhsin called on him to act in the interest of Yemen; an appeal that all the political elite would do well to consider, now and after the elections.

On which cheery note, Eid mubarak!

Safa Mubgar


About safamubgar

A Londoner with an eye for the world, and a lazy passion for culture and books. Also a Springing Arab, of the Yemeni variety.
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