Aid to Aden

The container of aid collected and contributed by the Yemeni and Muslim communities of Britain arrived by ship successfully in Aden on Friday 19th August.

After careful consideration, it had been decided that the al-Ferdous Development Organisation was the most suitable partner to receive and process the shipment, due to their apolitical status and established record of helping the deserving.

In the two days since the shipment arrived, the volunteers at al-Ferdous have processed the 5 tonnes of clothing, 20 tonnes of food and 10 tonnes of health / hygiene products, and produced more than 400 individual care packages for dispossessed Yemeni families in and around al-Bureiqa, Aden – many forced to flee the fighting with nothing but the clothes they stand up in.

The delivery of these packages to families individually identified by al-Ferdous as being particularly deserving, has now been successfully completed, although they were unable to help as many people as they would like – numbers that continue to increase as the fighting spreads across Abyan.

The al-Ferdous is a charitable organisation run by women in al-Bureiqa, Aden under the leadership of Sameera Nasr. Its mission is to improve resilience and civil society in and among communities in the al-Bureiqa area. In addition to local donors, its success has led to pilot funding by the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives.

Photos of container and processing:

Safa Mubgar


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A Londoner with an eye for the world, and a lazy passion for culture and books. Also a Springing Arab, of the Yemeni variety.
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One Response to Aid to Aden

  1. dean says:

    why dont we orgnaise a blood bank to be donated from all the yemenis in the uk and send it to yemen it might help the hospitals overthere thanks

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