UK – Yemen Aid Convoy


A shipment of 40 tonnes of food/clothing and other items will be shipped from London to Yemen later this week, where it will be distributed to some of the poorest people in Yemen.

The shipment consists of five tonnes of clothing, 20 tonnes of food (including two tonnes of rice), and 10 tonnes of health / hygiene products. A further five tonnes of medical supplies have been provided by a British-Yemeni donor who is also covering the shipping costs.

The aid is currently being stored at a warehouse, in Enfield. It will be shipped to the port of Aden and will then be distributed to vulnerable families living nearby by a network of local non-governmental organisations.

The aid has been contributed by individuals – Yemeni-British, British-Muslim and compassionate British alike. It has been collected and brought to London, sorted, and palletised by a group of dedicated young volunteers.

Yemen is currently engulfed in a political stand-off, in which the governing regime is suspected of manipulating food and fuel supply to degrade their political opponents. Unfortunately, the people of Yemen are “collateral damage” in this elite struggle – displaced and fearful, many of whom already live on less than $2 per day.

USAID has already granted $10m in cash and delivered 6,300 tonnes of aid for the 416,000 Internally Displaced Persons in the north. The UK Government’s pledged donation to the Yemeni people stands at £15m, but the World Food Programme in Yemen still needs $67.4 m to sustain just the neediest: their recent Comprehensive Food Security Survey found that 30% of Yemenis are “acutely hungry.” The FAO’s food price index is 38% higher than this time last year– and most Yemenis can afford to eat only one meal per day.


There will be an opportunity to visit the storage warehouse and film the aid shipment on Thursday July 14th, after 11am. Organisers and other volunteers from the Yemen Forum Foundation will be available for interview.

For full details of the exact location of the warehouse and to arrange interviews call Awsan Deen on 07591-047534 or Salim Abdullah on 07516-161916.

Background on the Yemen Foundation Forum:

The YFF is a non-partisan, volunteer organisation founded by British-Yemenis, drawn from the major Yemeni communities of the UK (London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Sheffield.) YFF has no geographic, sectarian, religious or political affiliation in Yemen.

YFF is currently funded by private donations, and is in the process of applying for charitable status under English law. Any physical donations can be sent to Unit 7 Nobel Road, Eley Estate, N18 3BH, or cash donations made to “Yemen Foundation Forum” Sort Code 56-00-14 Account number 23237430. These donations will be used to buy food to send to Yemen.

Safa Mubgar


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A Londoner with an eye for the world, and a lazy passion for culture and books. Also a Springing Arab, of the Yemeni variety.
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