Dear Obama

Open Letter to President Obama

We, the Youth of Yemen For Change, write to express our disappointment in your lack of support for our democratic aspirations. Instead you have chosen to keep silent over the Puppeteer’s abuse of power and office; indeed you have buttressed his rule and provided his would-be royal family with the ways and means of oppression.

In 1990, your predecessor punished Ali Abdullah’s support for his fellow tyrant by withdrawing aid to our country. Like Saddam, Ali Abdullah and his gang became fabulously wealthy on the back of what little oil Yemen had, while the People’s grinding poverty became ever more dire.

To your cost in blood and treasure, Transnational Jihadism sprouted in Ali Abdullah’s fiefdom, especially after a trip to Washington in 2006, where he learnt that without “Al Qaeda” he was just another tin-pot dictator. Despite the millions of dollars you have lavished on training and equipping a Praetorian Guard run by Ali Abdullah’s sons and nephews, terrorism continues to strike you. (Strangely, there has been little terrorism while they have been occupied with regime survival.)

We, the People, have neither history of Fundamentalism nor need for it. Like America, we look for a Godly man to rule us, but we prize competence and compassion, rather than Ali Abdullah’s callous avarice. Where his self-serving “Security Forces” have withdrawn to protect him and his ill-gotten gains, our tribal minutemen have provided security to guard our homes and loved ones. Be under no illusion – when this tyrant falls, Al Qaeda will find none of the welcome from us that Ali Abdullah has shown it.

We reject the would-be heirs of Ali Abdullah, whether or his kin or of his kind. We reject the self-serving “Opposition” who have done little to oppose his rape of our land. We reject the attempts by the Gulf rulers to curb out democratic right to protest another unjust ruler; nor can we trust Ali Abdullah to keep his word to go in 30 days, having broken it so often in the past. We trust in God, and put our faith in the ballot box.

We have the audacity to hope that you share our vision of a transparent, democratic Yemen, free of corruption and cleansed of opportune terrorism. The siren song of the political elite may promise everything you wish to hear, but it is a self-serving solicitation for continuing political putrefaction. Our struggle will continue against them, as against Ali Abdullah for they are little different. Without your moral support, we fear that our blood will run in the gutters as the People’s does in Libya and Syria; we are prepared to die for our liberty, but would prefer to live to enjoy our freedom. As the Arab Spring yields to summer, we ask you to support our cause in Yemen today, the cause of liberty and freedom from oppression. God guide us. God guard us. God keep us in his Peace.

Safa Mubgar


About safamubgar

A Londoner with an eye for the world, and a lazy passion for culture and books. Also a Springing Arab, of the Yemeni variety.
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